Orcus Update 1.8


  • Add french translation
  • Rewrite Remote Desktop
    • Improve speed drastically:
      • Use faster Windows APIs when possible
      • Use other connection method when possible
      • Rewrite codec
      • Use different image compression method
    • Remove extra window -> inputs can be made directly
  • Add voice chat (based on Microphone recorder plugin)
    • Stream your microphone to the client and the client’s microphone to you
    • Remove Microphone recorder plugin
  • Remove Hosts command, add Driver config command
    • Possibility to edit the driver files Hosts, Networks, Protocol, Services


  • Libraries are automatically transmitted to the client when they are required
  • Allow drag & drop in the path row in the property grid
  • When creating a server, localhost and the local lan ip will be automatically added
  • Change font size of webcam text


  • Fix bug in language creator when opening old language file
  • Catch uninstallation bug when trying to remove the Orcus file in a folder which requires administrator privileges
  • Fix bug in reverse proxy which caused to bring the packages out of order


Part Version
Administration 1.8
Server Internal 1.12
Server API 8
Client 16
Client API 4