Orcus Update 1.8.2

This update adds the new command “Drop & Execute” which allows easy execution


  • Add full screen feature for all external command windows; Remote Desktop can be viewed in full screen now
  • Add thumbnail support for file explorer
  • Add Drop & Execute


  • Service will be directly started after installation


  • Fix bug Remote Desktop when attempting to start


The new Drop & Execute command provides a very easy way to upload files to the client and start them. While you can just execute the file, you can also choose to execute that file hidden which passes parameters to the file so it won’t be visible. While this only works for some files (e. g. for applications with a console interface), Execute on second Desktop will create a new desktop on the PC where the file will be executed on. Furthermore, it’s now possible for the administrator to see the application in Orcus and send mouse and keyboard inputs:

Beside that, Drop & Execute also allows you to upload multiple files. This is extremly helpful when you want to execute a file which requires dependencies in the same folder.