Orcus Update 1.7

I know, a lot of time has gone since the last update and some people might question my effort I put in this project. I can tell you one thing: I worked really hard on Orcus almost always when there was time. About 100 commits were pushed to the private repositry (in contrast, only 50 were pushed for the last update) and some core elements of Orcus were rewritten and improved. It was a really hard and complicated thing to make the Crowd Control commands expandable with plugins. A lot of design changes were made, some are smaller, some are bigger and overall they make Orcus a lot better to use, especially if the dark theme is enabled. The builder was completely rewritten (even if it looks almost the same, almost no old code was used), plugins are now able to integrate in the GUI like they were always there. A lot of new possibilities were opened for the developers to create even more powerful plugins for Orcus. A customer created a finnish translation. New icons were added almost everywhere. Finally, Crowd Control got huge changes.


  • Rewrite the whole Crowd Control concept
    • Allow plugins
    • Improve performance of the command management
    • Live updateing of events
    • Add execution events
    • Show more details in Crowd Control
    • Show events (-> commands can return results)
    • Add all commands to the context menu of clients (Actions)
    • Add command presets
  • Add finnish translation (thanks to Rotta)
  • Add new client list “small list”
    • 3 times as much clients can be visible compared to the default list
    • Good overview to apply actions to huge groups of clients
  • User can define ip address ranges which are not allowed to connect to the server (CIDR and range notation)
  • Add new icons almost everywhere:
    • Icons are in one style now (all from the same icon pack)
    • Icons adjust their appearance to the current theme
  • Completely rewrite builder
    • Option to save and load configurations is found in the title bar
    • Plugins are able to add fragments everywhere in the builder
    • Plugins are able to overwrite specific builder properties
    • Plugin settings are also saved in build configurations
    • Building doesn’t change the whole window content (build log has it’s own tab)
    • Plugins stay enabled or disabled
  • Completely rework plugin API
    • Administration plugins have more influence (e. g. have access to the Data Manager and more server functions)
    • Build plugins are more logical designed and have access to the raw assembly
    • CommandView plugins are easier to create because of a nice base class found in the plugin library
    • Put classes in namespaces
  • Add Device Manager
    • Show all available devices
    • Show detailed information about a device
    • Enable/Disable devices


  • Show total exceptions in menu item
    • Automatically display the exceptions from the last 7 days
    • Some small appearance changes
  • Change window style of all windows (dark style looks much better now)
  • Change dark theme light colors (everything is darker now, less white, everything is much better readable)
  • Split Orcus.Administration into Orcus.Administration.Core, Orcus.Administration.Resources, Orcus.Administration.ViewModels; remove Orcus.Administration.Licensing
  • Remove “Stress Test” menu item -> stress test commands are found in a plugin
  • Add new shortcuts
    • MainWindow:
      • Ctrl + B: Builder
      • Ctrl + M: World Map
      • Ctrl + A: Activity Monitor
      • Ctrl + D: Data Manager
      • Ctrl + E: Exceptions
      • Ctrl + C: Crowd Control
      • Double click on client: Log In
      • Ctrl + Enter: Log In
      • Ctrl + Delete: Remove client
    • Builder:
      • Ctrl + B: Build
      • Del: Remove ip address
    • File Explorer:
      • Del: Delete
      • F2: Rename
    • Taskmanager:
      • Del: Kill process
      • Del+Shift: Kill process tree
    • Most dialog windows are closable with the esc key
  • Remove “experimental icons” option from settings
  • MessageBox command looks more like a Windows 10 message
  • Use a range slider in Operating System and Version condition
  • If commands are opened from a command, it will be in a separate window
  • Cross and check in the default list are smaller
  • Remove import/export buttons in configuration manager. Every build configuration has it’s own file in /configurations
    • Import/Export: Just copy the configuration file to/from your /configurations folder
  • Automatically load data for commands (can be disabled in settings)
  • Remove Internet command


  • Fixed bug which occured when cloning the client settings of a client below version 12
  • Fixed plugin transmission
  • Localize some more timestamps
  • Fixed file explorer bugs
    • Fixed bug which occured on some computers when requesting the root elements
    • Catch some exceptions and give more detailed reports
  • Don’t show exception when the user denys the elevation request when installing
  • Fixed bug when opening paths in file explorer from other commands
  • Fixed TabControl headers (missing lines)
  • Fixed creating shortcut on specific operating systems
  • Fixed potential connection problems with clients which run on very slow computers


  • Older clients only accept the commands Update and Update (Url), all other commands including plugins won’t be executed on old clients
  • Client settings can only be cloned from clients version 14+


The small list is the third client list which specialises on showing as much information as possible. It is really useful to get a nice overview over your clients for doing restructure operations (like changing groups)

Here are some screenshots with the new window style and the new icons:

The updated Crowd Control:

Device Manager:


Part Version
Administration 1.7
Server Internal 1.11
Server API 8
Client 14
Client API 4