Orcus Update 1.5

This update targets at improving already existing things. The taskmanager was completely reworked and the accent color is now changeable (was set to blue before). Another focus was on opening the commands in separate windows which is much easier now.


  • Add accent color themes
  • Improve taskmanager
    • Add tree view
    • Add properties window
    • Add window options
    • Add information popup (left bottom)
  • Views can call other views
    • Add new “open path in file explorer” option to taskmanager, programs and startup manager
  • Add system restore
  • When mouse hovering a command item in the list, you can directly open it in a separate window (still works with double click too)


  • Add AppData & ProgramData to autostart¬†locations
  • Add information popup to startup manager
  • Pure Evilness restores the wallpaper
  • Add information when commands are disabled because of an outdated client version
  • Improve commands in separate windows
  • Change EULA


  • Fixed two Windows Customizer options
  • Allow file explorer to delete hidden and readonly files
  • Fix external command window text color in dark mode



It was already possible to open a command in a separate window (with a double click), now it is also possible using a left click on an upcoming button:







Also, beside that you could already switch between a dark and light theme, you can also change the accent color




Part Version
Administration 1.5
Server Internal 1.9
Server API 6
Client 11