Orcus Update 1.6

This is a really huge update – I know, if you look at the changes, you might think what I have done the last month; I can tell you, I was working on Orcus really hard. The File Explorer is the most complicated and advanced command currently implemented. It contains all features I could think of and I must say: It is awesome. Also, this update contains some general improvements, small design adjustments and a Window manager.


  • Add option to import/export build configurations (you can now share the configurations, formatted in JSON)
  • Completely rewrite File Explorer
    • Add tree view to the right side, search bar has a breadcrumb style and autocomplete
    • Improve upload/download speed and fix invalid hash errors
    • You can cancel the upload/download at any time; display current speed and estimated time
    • Open file properties to view all properties provided by Windows and calculate hash values
    • Support for special folders like the recycle bin
    • Go back and forward
    • Add “Open Console here”
    • Create shortcuts
  • Event log can load more entries (in 300 entries steps)
  • Add Activity Monitor
    • View Orcus data transfers in real time with description
    • View current CPU/Memory performance
  • Add Window Manager
    • View all opened (visible and hidden) Windows in a tree view
    • Maxmimize/Minimize/Restore/Bring to front/Make topmost/loose topmost/close any window
  • Add topmost option to the external command windows (window context menu)


  • Change standard theme back to blue
  • Change some categories and add a new category “Utilities”
  • Increase width of refresh buttons
  • Rework event log design
  • Improve registry editor
    • Use the default metro treeview
    • Use UI virtualization (speed up loading especially for CLASSES_ROOT)
    • Add navigation bar (edit path with autocomplete)
  • Correctly format date times
  • Small design improvements
    • Remove textbox border from Hosts
    • Increase threshhold of registry splitter
    • Speed up task manager (enable UI virtualization)
    • Remove icon from “Log in”
    • Change selection color of Framework Version (in Builder) to gray
    • Adjust progress bar colory


  • Fix a rare bug in task manager
  • Don’t show a warning in the builder log if install client is unchecked
  • Don’t show “Execute Build Plugins” if there aren’t any build plugins selected
  • Fix transmission error in File Explorer
  • Fix Task manager exception if a process is not accessable


As already mentioned, the File Explorer has a huge focus of this update. The folder labels (Lokaler Datenträger) come directly from your current operating system; if the operating system of the client has chinese as the system language and you have english, you will only see english folder labels (Pictures, Local Disk, Recycle Bin, etc.)
New File Explorer

File Explorer - File Transfer

Furthermore, you can easily share your Orcus build configurations in forums and via chat:
Import Build Configuration

You can easily export them in the Configuration Manager:
Export Build Configuration

A nice to have feature is the new activity monitor: You can watch Orcus sending and receiving data in real time. All packages have a description so you can see what Orcus is actually doing.
Activity Monitor

A new command was added, Window Manager. It allows you to see all opened windows (visible (blue) and invisible) and apply actions to them
Window Manager

The last thing I want to show is a new feature to make Orcus command windows topmost:
External Command Window Topmost


Part Version
Administration 1.6
Server Internal 1.10
Server API 7
Client 12